“…Having had the pleasure of working with Bill on a number relocation related projects, I have always found him to be “best in class” and an exemplary addition to the move management team. Bill has consistently demonstrated a quick and admirable approach to problem solving and his dedication to the task at hand is commendable…”

Tim Redpath, Director of Business Development, Williams Moving  

“…Bill is a conscientious facility manager who sweats the details to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the facility(s) that he is responsible for…”

Alan Dickinson, VP Operations, Schneider Electric  

“…I was able to turn total control of many projects over to Bill without hesitation, knowing he had the expertise to see them to completion. Bill often provided a fresh approach to space planning, finding the optimum uses of our space. He always gave his utmost attention to whatever he was involved in giving me the confidence to focus my energies elsewhere…”

Al Brayfield, Director Administration, SuperPages  

“… I have been in the furniture industry for over 20 years, and have had numerous occasions to work with Bill. His polite, courteous yet professional manner established a comfortable atmosphere that made excellent use of our time…I have always been impressed with the scope of Bill’s knowledge. He seemed very capable of handling all aspects of a project from space planning, construction and carpeting right through to telecommunications and computer technology…”

Dave Collyer, Heritage Office Furnishings  

“…Working on large projects coordinating the efforts and demands of many groups and individuals, Bill always seemed capable to work along with everyone concerned and when from time to time items went astray as they often do, perhaps Bill’s strongest quality is rather than waste time assessing the fault he moves quickly to assess the situation and take necessary measures to correct the problem and get the project back on track…”

Pat Roach, Ergon Enterprises  

“…Bill was instrumental in establishing the facility, furnishings and support services for project office…he always delivered professional services in a very quiet and unassuming manner. This is one of Bill’s strong points that he knows what has to be done, how to do it the most effective and cost conscious way with the least disturbance to staff as possible…”

Claude J. Delmaire, CANAC/Microtel  

“…Bill was heavily involved in the space planning program, new furniture acquisition, organization and direction of the relocation program and in establishing support services. A constant effort was required to manipulate space, obtain furnishings and provide service to an ever growing group that occupied multiple locations…”

Larry R Rhodes, MPR Teltech Ltd.

W.J. (Bill) Yerdon


Working with people providing a stronger healthier workplace has always been the foremost objective in a career built developing and maintaining first rate office operations and facility support services. I believe in finding the solution rather than dwelling on the problem is the best route to success.






The Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division

2012 – Pres.


  • Manage the effective facility operations of both the Vancouver and Victoria offices of the society including daily operating systems, interface with tenants for lease hold and capital improvements and lease renewals.
  • Design and implement the renovations of space to accommodate the relocation of Society operations to new headquarters.



W.J. (Bill) Yerdon, Vancouver, BC

2012 – Pres.


  • Developed an independent consulting business to work harmoniously with customers to meet all their facility operating needs. Provide excellent follow through while maintaining quality assurance at every level of assistance and action our motto being “in business to free to do yours”
  • Major Contracts Included:
    • Wiliams Moving/Correction Services of Canada (CSC) Working as the Moving Coordinator effectively relocated the Pacific-HQ for CSC from four locations into one. Ensuring an effective liaison was maintained over 250 staff their files and equipment were relocated with three weeks with minimal disruption to operations or staff.



Schneider Electric, Burnaby, BC

2005 – 2011


  • Reporting to the Vice-President of Operations, ensured essential daily operations were maintained for Renewable Energies Head Office including: Fire/Safety, Security, Electrical/Mechanical, Grounds, Waste Management, Contracted Cafeteria and Janitorial Services.
  • Coordinated activities of general contractors for leasehold improvements and building renovations, and effectively negotiated and implemented contracts for above systems and services as required.
  • Successfully relocated over 225 staff, furnishings and equipment, within a five week period with minimal disruption to staff or operations
  • Established and directed General Contractor in the development of eight million dollar renovation of 100,000 sq. ft structure. Ensured construction schedules were maintained without delay and relocation of corporate headquarters was completed within six month period on time within budget.
  • In conjunction with real estate broker, established site criteria, researched and determined location for new corporate headquarters. Reduced cost by $2.00 /sq. ft. by effectively conducting preliminary least negotiations
  • Located and negotiated lease of properties for expansion of product engineering & warehouse groups in Livermore Ca., to coincide with existing manufacturing location within two block radius.



Interface Operating Solutions, Vancouver, BC

1999 – 2005


  • Developed and operated independent consulting business, providing cost effective, time saving services in facility operations and support; specialized in areas of Building Operations & Relocation Arrangements.
  • Major Clients Included:
    • SuperPages, 2002-2004 – developed and oversaw the space planning, facility renovations, systems furnishings and relocation of over 400 staff during a corporate expansion. Directed the design and construction to renovate 20,000 sq. ft. of additional space for corporate expansion. Reorganized the space of 56 staff to accommodate 74, without acquisition of additional space.
    • Golder Associates, 2001 – coordinated the construction schedule and developed space planning to reconfigure over 15,000 sq. ft and effectively consolidate staff from two floors into one.
    • Christopher’s Contract Services, 2000 – implemented office procedures for new scheduling and dispatch system for the delivery of furniture and services.
    • Canac/Microtel, 1999 – Managed the dissolution of facility operations including termination of lease, sale of assets and site restoration, reducing extra lease expenses and maximizing recovery proceeds.



Challenge Enterprises Ltd.

1999 – 2003

  • Responsible for security implementation and reporting liaison with customer.




1986 – 1998

  • Development & Implementation of support services and daily operations for new NWS project office of over 150 staff.



BC Housing Corp.


  • Oversee the daily operations of area field office and support staff for corporation properties



MPR Teletech Ltd

1978 – 1985

  • Coordinated the household relocation of over 50 staff from Eastern Canada to Vancouver
  • Assisted in planning and organization of new 100,000 sq. ft. R & D facility



Automatic Electric Ltd

1977 – 1978

  • Coordinate departmental administration and reporting between R&D and head office.



Philips Cables Ltd

1973 – 1977

  • All phases of record keeping for fixed assets from acquisition to trial balance



  • N.B Savage Tax
  • Ontario Dept of Forestry
  • Coke Cola ltdTax
  • Corner Lunch